A Day with our Head of Asset Protection

Posted by Sabastian Haycraft on

On May 9th, Sabastian Haycraft (Owner/CEO) and Ricky, our Head of Asset Protection, embarked on a business trip to refill our inventory. During the journey, they engaged in a discussion on how to reduce loss within the company.

Introducing the Mini Surprise Me Mix

As part of our efforts to reduce waste and boost sales, we are excited to launch the new Mini Surprise Me Mix. Priced at only $15, this variety box of snacks offers a selection of items that are close to their expiration date. By including these snacks in a discounted bundle, we can provide value to our customers while optimizing our inventory management.

Upon returning to the warehouse, Sabastian and Ricky promptly put away the product totes, ensuring that the newly arrived product is ready for sale.


Ricky S. Head of asset protection (left) Sabastian Haycraft Owner/CEO (right)

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